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Race rules and instructions

JÁNOŠÍK is dedicated to everyone who will race honestly, without cheating and polluting, with respect to other athletes and organizers and with humility to nature and mountains. Being part of the Xtri World Tour, the race is based on  sense of fair-play, no drafting and rules of extreme triathlon, that follow the philosophy of Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, the mother of all extreme triathlons. Athlete is escorted, supervised and accompanied throughout the day by his supporter. Officialy marked supporter has the right to enter transition zone (T1 and T2) and manipulate with athlete´s equipment and clothes. From the finish, athlete and supporter will be transported by cablelift to Vrátna valley and than by van to Hotel Boboty for a dinner. Supporter must come with the athlete to the race briefing and stay with him during the whole race, from swim, through bike and run with him the whole marathon.  There is only one official supporter and he can´t be changed or replaced by other person during the race. That´s why the supporter should be athlete´s close friend and very good runner.
On Sunday, during the finisher ceremony, there will be a raffle – 3 men and 1 women will be give a slot for Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2020. If somoene refuses his oportunity, the raffle choose new person. First two men and first to women of JÁNOŠÍK Slovak Xtreme Truiathlon will be given a slot to take part in Xtri world championship during the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2020.

Swimming – 3,8 km

  • athlete can enter T1 only if he brings in: bike marked with sticker under the saddle, helmet, mandatory lights, start number attached to racebelt.
  • GPS tracker will be given at the start and can´t be used during the swim, athlete must place it on his bike
  • Start of the race (T1) is situated at Námestovo – Oravská Priehrada dam
  • in T1, marked supporter can help athlete to prepare his bike and clothes
  • T1 will be open on Friday from 11:00 p.m. to 11:50 p.m.
  • at the entrance of T1, athlete will get a safety buoy with emergency light (instructions will be given at the race briefing)
  • start of the race is at midnight from Friday to Saturday from the shore
  • expected water temperature: 16 – 19 °C. Neopren suits are mandatory, neopren socks and cap is allowed, neopren glows are forbidden. Whole swim is at dark. We recommend googles with clear glass, no UV filter.
  • swim course will be marked with lights (more information at briefing)
  • after the swim, supporter helps athlete at T1, he takes all his clothes and resting equipment.

Run, 42,2 km

  • poles are forbiden
  • athlete will put GPS tracker into his running backpack and must turn the racebelt with start number to the front
  • run course is located in the surroundings of village Terchová and in national park Malá Fatra and it followes tourist paths
  • the course will be marked with white straps JÁNOŚÍK
  • from saddle Medziholie the run follows red tourist path over Stoh, Poludňový Grúň and Chleb with the finish at Snilovské sedlo (the ridge is marked also with wooden winter slopes)
  • we kindly ask all athltetes and supporters to be patient while crossing Jánošíkové diery and Veľký Rozsutec, there will be lot of tourists.
  • 90 % of the run course is trail full of gravel, soil, rock, grass, mud and can be very slippery. Please be very careful from the start to the finish
  • supporter must run the whole marathon with athlete and is responsible for him. Supporter can not be changed or replaced.
  • before the run, the supporter must show 2 backpacks in T2 with mandatory equipment in each one of them: 1 l drinks, 2 energy bars, windproof jacket, long pants, gloves, headband, longsleeve t-shirt, head lamp with good battery.
  • the mandatory clothing in backpack is mandatory and it is independet from the clothes, which athlete or supporter is wearing when leaving the T2.
  • refreshment: 5 km, 15 km, 25 km, 36 km, finish.
  • in case of bad weather conditions do run course can be changed.

Bike – 180 km

  • labeled support car can park only on allowed parking places
  • TT bikes are allowed
  • we recommend bike with cranckset 34/50 and cassete 11/28
  • after the swim, athlete must put the GPS tracker into the pocket of his clothing and put on the racebelt with race number
  • from 1:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. athletes ride at dark night.
  • expected sunrise at 6:00 a.m. Until 6:30 a.m. athletes must wear reflective vest or jacket, white light at the front, blinking red light at the back, refelctive strap must be placed on left leg and arm
  • support car can stop and meet the athlete only at marked safe place, where it doesn´t endenger other athletes and members of traffic. Offcial parking will be marked with traffic sign P – Jánošík
  • although the  bike course will be marked, athletes and supporters must know the course
  • athlete can have just 1 support car (it must be marked with sticker in front and on back)
  • as the road is sometimes very narrow, caravans as support cars are forbidden
  • on 100 km of bike, at Hotel Diery, there will be a refreshment point for athtletes and supporters
  • we recommend to prepare enough warm clothtes, meal and drinks and also spare wheels at the support cars
  • STOP-TIME after bike 10:15


Run course with more than 3000 m of elevation will can take for 6 to 11 hours. For safety reasons, there are two important cut-off times – one at 25 km before the entrance to Jánošíkové diery and second after Veľký Rozsutec, at saddle Medziholie. On the final ridge the weather can change very quickly and lot fot athltes will complete it at dark. That´s why the mandatory equipment is so important.


Supporter must run whole marathon side by side with the athlete. He must help him on technical sections and follow the right path. That´s why the role of supporter is very important and he must be very well trained. Supporter must be reachable by phone during the whole day and respect all instructions of the organizer.


Detailed information can be found at the Race manual.


By registration for the competitions organized by Športový klub ORAVAMAN the client agrees to General Terms and Conditions

Starting slots: 85

  • 15 slots are safed for participants of the Oravaman Tour trilogy 2019
  • 85 slots are available for athletes who want  to race at JÁNOŠÍK 2019
  • registration is open since November 10th to November 20th, athletes will be choosen by ballot (lottery)
  • ballot results will be informed by email on November 21st. Succesful athletes will have 5 days to pay the entry fee
  • once the entry fee is paid, it can´t be refund nor passed on next year´s race.
  • link for registration (it´s important to create and verify your account)

Entry Fee

Entry Fee: 350 Eur

Includes: GPS tracker, swim cap, rent of the safety buoy and emergency light for the swim, small presents, refreshment on bike for athlete and his supporter (100. km of the course), on the run, both athlete and supporter will get refreshment 4x on the run, in the finish, at the upper station of cable lift (hot soap, drink). Transport by cablelift from the finish to Vratna valley and than by van to Hotel Boboty. Special FINISHER t-shirt and SUPPORTER t-shirt if finishing the race successfuly.
Refreshment – coffe break at the registration on Friday, dinner for athlete and supporter on Saturday at Hotel Boboty, coffe break on Sunday, during the T-shirt ceremony.

Registration is valid, after a successful payment of entry fee and confirmation from part of the organizer. Entry fee must be payed  by online payment via Trust Pay in your personal account (Dashboard) within 5 days from recievieng the confirmation email with payment instructions.

Payment period: 5 days since recieving the confirmation email.

In cace, that athlete payed on time and later for whichever reason he can´t race, entry fee can´t refunded.  At no way and for no reason the fee can be refunded. It can´t be moved for another year.
These rule will be strictly maintained to protect the event from economic loss.
Until July 31st 2019, athlete can find other athlete, who would like to race (he must be on the wait list) and tranfer his slot to him. (T-shirts will be the same as ordered during the registration proces). After this date, no changes can be made.



Men a women at the age 18 – 65 years.
Everyone, who finishes the race becomes a hero. On sunday, first three men and frist three women will be awarded. Every succesful finisher and supporter will get a FINISHER and SUPPORTER T-shirt.

Accomodation for athletes

We recommend to book accomodation directly at the race center – Hotel Boboty (registration, briefing, dinner, final ceremony) in Terchová for special price. In case of interest, please contact the hotel: hotelboboty@vratna.sk


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